"The programme was enriching and I came across something interesting in each session. Nevertheless, the sessions on Digital Trend Showcase, DRM and Self-publishing were of specific interest to me and I must say they have given me sufficient food for thought!"
Ananya Sharma, Editorial Assistant, Ratna Sagar Pvt Ltd
"Wholesome perspective of the industry, tending towards digital"
Satadru Mukherjee, Manager- Marketing, Scholastic India
"I thoroughly enjoyed the program. one of the best training programs I've attended! A must for Young Publishings Professionals."
Naval Verma, Associate Marketing Editor, Ratna Sagar P. Ltd
"The programme helped me acquire a more analytical approach to decision-making. Working in groups helped me develop my leadership skills and realize the importance of teamwork. The programme has encouraged me to start thinking big, to think out of the box and to innovate!"
Piyush Kumar, Director, Prabhat Prakashan & Ocean Books
"The small class size with a diverse group of people provided a platform to communicate with peers not just across different departments, but also with people from various ancillary industries. The course material which focused on various management topics such as strategy, finance, and customer services helped provide a structured approach to problem solving along with the ability to look at business problems from various stakeholder perspectives"
Lipika Bhushan, Marketing manager (Head of Department), Harper Collins Publishers India
"The faculty was outstanding! Together with the good, solid reading material and the well-rounded course design, this first-of-its-kind course in the country managed to cover most relevant topics. The sessions on leadership were especially helpful."
Paul Vinay Kumar, Editorial Director, Westland Ltd.
"The opportunity to interact with peers in an informal and friendly environment was great. We met each other as individuals and not professionals of the trade. The programme focused not on theoretical processes, but on humans (customers and employers) and their interactions."
Sugat Jain, Director IT, Ratna Sagar P Ltd.
"It is conducted by the finest faculty I have ever come across…This was not just a course. This was a life-changing experience."
Koushik Chakraborty, Tata Consultancy Services, Senior Consultant
"The interaction with my peers in the industry was a great experience. The course material was great and the excellent faculty was able to demystify even the most difficult topics! Personally for me, the programme gave me a new way of looking at business situations."
Biju Ganesan, Tata McGraw Hill Education, Marketing Manager
"Makes you think out of the box. Changes the way you look at things."
Ravi Deecee, Chief Executive Officer, DC Books/EC Media International
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