Registration opening soon for Publisher Training Programmed for Young Professionals! 1 and 2 December 2017, Friday and Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to  5 p.m., @ PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi.

Publishers Training Programme for Young Professionals

- A unique training initiative by German Book Office

In 2014, GBO New Delhi launched a programme for Young Professionals to impart skills needed in the age of transmedia, where the phone is increasingly becoming the primary device for access to information and knowledge. The workflows and revenue models have been influenced by this phenomena and are evolving to adapt to an atomised delivery of content.

The GBO New Delhi would like to attract young talent through this program and provide knowledge on new developments in international markets. The 2 day training programme will help take the mystery out of the transmedia world. The participants will learn, from international experts and other star practitioners from India, the know-how for conducting business. This interface will not only take a look at German and international publishing industry but also addresses a major need felt by the young professionals.

What does it entail?
  • An accredited fast-track , concentrated delivery module for trade-centric skill training
  • Development of future managers & leaders in publishing & allied industries
  • An international market overview with contextualized learning
  • A space to meet and interact with industry peers and experts from India and abroad
  • Establish blue-print of a local peer-based learning and exchange network
Why is it needed?
  • To address the shortage of cutting-edge, industry-focussed training programmes
  • To cater to the time & budget constraints of young professionals
  • To bring the emerging leaders closer to the experts for mentoring
  • To encourage across industry collaborations
Who does it cater to?
  • Professionals who wish to further career development and update their area expertise
  • Companies who wish to send their promising young talents to gain hands-on training

1 and 2 December 2017,

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
No. 4/2, Shri Fort Institutional Area,
August Kranti Marg,
New Delhi 110016

9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Rs. 9500/- (inclusive of Lunch, Refreshments, Learning Materials and 18% GST) per participant

Contact us for special discounts on group registrations.
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